Monday, March 5, 2012


David F. Lenker 1917-2009
David Lenker was famous for his watercolor subjects which are indigenous to rural PA or reflect his interpretations of his journeys to the Eastern Seashore, Arizona, Bermuda, Hawaii and Europe.
These are his last remaining works of art, many prints and some originals. Some of the prints have been shrink wrapped which may show in the photo of the print. All of his prints are signed and numbered and in great condition.
To purchase a painting/print, contact Carrie Wissler-Thomas:, #717-236-1432.
Thank you, and Enjoy Davids beautiful watercolors!

"Stone Farmhouse, West Hanover Township" Original Watercolor Painting, 28x42in. $1500

"Deer in Cornfield" Framed Original Watercolor Painting, 33x41in. $1500

-Proceeds from its sale will benefit both the Art Association and CATRA (Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association) -SOLD

1. "Front Street" 7x10.5" Print $50

2."Deer in Cornfield" 19.5x13" Print $50

3. "Star Barn" 11x17" Prints (5) $50 each -SOLD

4. "Walnut St. Bridge at Night" 12x23.5" Prints (37) $50 each

The Four Corners of Carlisle: (#'s 5-8)

5. "Courthouse" 11x16" Prints $50 Each

6. "Church #1" 11x16" Prints $50 Each

7. "Church #2" 11x16" Prints $50 Each

8. "Courthouse #2" 11x16" Prints $50 Each

9. "Capitol Dome" 17.5x23" Print $60

10. "Hummelstown" 11x24.5" Print $50 SOLD

11. "Old Main" 13x18.5" Prints (5) $50

12. "Hershey Company" 13x21" Prints (2) $50 Each

13. "Flowers" 13.5x18" Prints $50 Each

14. "Window with Flowers" 12x17" Prints $50 Each

15. "Sycamore Tree" 25x31" Framed Print $250

16. "Monet's Garden" 25x30" Framed Original $500

17. "Jersey Pier" 25x39" Framed Original $600